Sunday, 1 March 2015

Guy's Tower by Elizabella Gold is now on sale!

Hi everyone! My short & sweet M/M romance Guy's Tower is now for sale at Amber Quill Press for $1.95! It’s Robert Ward’s 28th birthday, and he’s decided to celebrate at Warwick Castle with his best friend Emma. As he walks around the castle grounds, he feels wistful, and wishes he had a boyfriend with whom to celebrate his special day. Not long after, Robert and Emma meet a man named Maximilian (but call him “Mil,” please!), who takes an immediate liking to Robert and informs him of this in no uncertain terms. Robert finds Mil’s quirkiness and obvious interest nerve-wracking, though he also finds him compelling. Not to mention hot. But Robert has self-imposed rules and standards that he has to follow, such as “don’t get involved with a guy you just met,” “be wary of those who have no filter,” and “don’t go up spiral staircases in towers.” Can Mil coax Robert into loosening up on his special day?

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