Thursday, 15 August 2013

One month after On the Road to a Perfect Match is released, a WWE Wrestler Comes Out

Lol. Okay. I've no doubt that's nothing but a coincidence. But I was really pleased and proud to hear that WWE Superstar Darren Young has come out as gay. I'm a lifelong fan of pro wrestling, and I've always wondered what it must be like for LGBT pro wrestlers, in a business that is typically secretive and somewhat conservative, and part of that is what led me to writing On the Road to a Perfect Match. I'm really happy that in 2013, guys like Darren Young and Orlando Jordan feel comfortable being honest about their orientation. But there are likely still many that will remain silent. And if they're happy with that, than so am I. But I can't help but hope that others will feel emboldened to come out in the future, so that at some point, there won't need to be announcements about it, and it will be NBD. In the meantime, good for you, and good luck, Darren Young!

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